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Super DLT 1 & Super DLT 2 Data Tapes and Cleaning Cartridges

SDLT (Super Digital Linear Tape) cartridges are fully certified for full compatibility with your drives. Super Digital Linear Tape drives, also known as SDLT, have reinvented the industry standard. SDLT has a minimum capacity of 160GB to 300GB native and 320GB to 600GB compressed (2:1 compression). SDLT backup tape drives deliver high-performance and unparalleled reliability allowing businesses to do more with less. 

Super DLT data tape by Fuji, HP, Imation, Maxell and Quantum including SDLT-1 Tape, SDLT-2 Tape, SDLT Cleaning Cartridge and SDLT Barcode Labels.

All Data Tape Cartridges are Brand New, Factory Sealed.
SDLT 1 Tape
Super DLT 1 160GB/320GB
Super DLT 2 300/600GB
Super DLT tape II 300GB/600GB
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