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Sony SAIT-1 500GB/1.3TB Data Tape Cartridge - SAIT-1-500

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Sony SAIT-1500 8MM SAIT-1 500GB/1.3TB Data Tape Cartridge

With up to 1.3TB of compressed capacity S-AIT1 is ideal for automation solutions requiring massive capacities and high performance.

  • Massive storage capacity of up to 1.3TB compressed (500GB native).
  • Fast 30MB/sec native transfer rate provided by Helical Scanning System.
  • High-density recording and reliability with AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) tape.
  • Innovative cartridge mechanism improves loading/unloading of tape.
  • Available in Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) format to protect valuable data against accidental erasure and prevent alteration of archived data files.
  • Cleaning Tape: SAIT1-CL
AME tape used by SAIT can read and write data reliably at very high densities through the use of pure cobalt magnetic material. Magnetic Particle (MP) media, used by conventional half-inch tape formats, is limited by particle size in the magnetic layer to achieve higher cartridge capacities. AME media used by SAIT imposes no such limitation and can enable SAIT to achieve more than twice the capacity of other half-inch tape formats. Also, AME tape's use of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) protective layer provides superb durability and long archival life. Twenty times tougher than a standard oxidation layer, DLC dramatically improves abrasion resistance and overall media and mechanism durability. Another contributor to SAIT performance is the emory In Cassette (MIC), a 64 Kbit solid-state memory chip that stores the cartridge's system log and file search information. This information can be used immediately by the drive, enhancing data access, improving media management and reducing overall latency. SAIT incorporates Remote-MIC (R-MIC), which allows the tape drive to access valuable cartridge statistics without loading, rewinding or physically handling the tape, so tape wear and tear is reduced. AME's extraordinary magnetic properties, storage density and durability are key to tape applications in high-duty-cycle enterprise storage.
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Type: New
Part Number: SAIT1-500
Manufacturer: Sony
Manufacturer Part No: SAIT1-500
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