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Sony EDM 8600C MO 8.6 GB Rewritable Optical Disk

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Sony EDM 8600C  MO 8.6 GB Optical Disk  EDM8600C

GTIN: 00027242657083, 00027242578869
Type: Storage media - MO
Native Capacity: 8.6 GB
Included Qty: 1
Tape Technology: Optical Disk - Rewritable
Part Number: EDM8600C
Manufacturer: Sony
Manufacturer Part No: EDM8600C
Sony's 5.25 MO disk employs MSR (Magnetically induced Super Resolution) and Land & Groove Recording technologies.Sony's wide-margin media is designed to be highly tolerant of variations in laser power that may occur in different usage environments. Performance stability is further assured by Sony's high-precision stamper and substrate molding technology.With data integrity maintained over at least one million erase/write cycles and a data-read life estimated at more than 50 years, Sony 5.25 MO media is highly suited to long-term data archiving.Sony uses its own rugged cartridge design and mechanical components to achieve durability of at least 100, 000 load/unload cycles per side. Sony's original antistatic hard coat treatment reduces static buildup and protects the disk surface from scratches and dust.With MSR (Magnetically-induced Super-Resolution) technology, the recorded magnetic domain at the center of the laser spot is selectively heated to transfer its data individually to a special readout layer. This makes it possible to distinguish magnetic data that is much smaller than laser beam spot size.Besides writing data in the grooves like a conventional disk, this format uses the "lands" between the grooves as well. Land & groove recording creates two spiral data tracks to dramatically raise data density and disk capacity.With its high-speed random access and massive storage capacity, the 5.25 MO lends itself to a wide variety of applications. MO drives can be easily connected to PCs and workstations including LAN and Web servers to handle computer graphics, CAD/CAM, X-ray and ultra-sound medical images, non-linear audio/video editing, and government agency or library document archiving. Other popular applications include large-scale libraries and jukeboxes that depend on high-speed disk changes.
Google Product Category: Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Blank Media > Computer Tapes
Type: New
Part Number: EDM8600C
Manufacturer: Sony
Manufacturer Part No: EDM8600C
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