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Sony AIT-5 SDX5-400C Data Cartridge

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 SONY (SDX5-400C) AIT-5 400/1040GB AIT Data Tape Cartridge

Sony AIT-5 SDX5-400C data tapes have a storage capacity of up to 1040GB compressed data (400GB native) and data transfer speed 24MB/sec. Sony is pleased to offer a new Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) family, AIT Turbo, enhancing both capacity and speed of earlier generations while delivering the same highly reliable industry leading 8mm AIT format and technology. AIT Turbo series offers capacities from 20GB to 40GB native and 52GB to 104GB compressed for effective cost performance. AIT Turbo reflects technical excellence, which Sony has proven with its reliability since AIT was introduced as a high and mid-range solution in 1996. AIT Turbo offers new performance and capacity options to supercharge backup.
With the need for higher capacity higher transfer rate and faster access time Sony has developed AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape. This 230 meter long 8mm wide tape is designed for use in 50/100gb AIT2 drives. It includes the MIC memory chip in the cartridge.
Advanced Intelligent Tape
Sony AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format is intelligently engineered to stand apart - no other tape cartridge features both an MIC chip (the brains) and a pure metal magnetic layer designed for maximum capacity and longevity (the brawn).
  • AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) Tape - Now Sony delivers 100% pure cobalt for high retentivity. Patented process for depositing a pure metal magnetic layer directly on the base film without adhesive or binders. The benefit from this AME technology is maximum recording performance.
  • MIC (Memory in Cassette) - The AIT cartridges feature a built-in flash memory chip that stores directory and operational information. The result is rapid access to desired data and greatly reduced loading and ejection times.
  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating - The tape surface is protected by a smooth carbon coating that is nearly as hard as diamond and 20 times harder than metal oxides. The benefit is maximum reliability and life.
All tapes are brand new, factroy sealed.
GTIN: 00027242703711
Google Product Category: Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Blank Media > Computer Tapes
Type: New
Part Number: SDX5-400C
Manufacturer: Sony
Manufacturer Part No: SDX5-400C

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