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Plasmon 30GB UDO Write-Once Optical Disc (5 PACK) (UDO30WO-5)

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PLASMON 30GB 8192B/S UDO Write-Once Optical Disc (UDO30WO-5)
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Plasmon 30GB 8192B/S UDO Write-Once Optical Disc (FIVE PACK) (UDO30WO-5)

UDO is the new standard for professional optical storage. Based on ultra density, blue laser technology, it is the recognized successor to 5.25 inch MO (Magneto Optical) storage and is available in both Rewritable and true Write Once media formats.

UDO provides absolute data authenticity for regulatory compliance or for any application where archived information must remain 100% unchanged. UDO's patented Phase Change recording process permanently alters the molecular structure of true Write Once media, ensuring data integrity at the most fundamental level.

UDO has been designed to provide decades of dependable data retention. A highly stable recording surface delivers media life in excess of 50 years, minimizing the frequency of data migration and virtually eliminating media maintenance.

Rapidly growing archive data volumes demand solutions with high initial capacity and flexibility to scale over time. Blue laser technology gives 30GB UDO a three-fold increase in storage capacity compared to previous generation MO (Magneto Optical) and DVD technologies. The removability of UDO cartridges, combined with the on-line media management capabilities of optical storage libraries, means scalability is essentially unlimited.

Knowledge assets are useless if they cannot be accessed when needed. UDO has fast 35-millisecond random access capability, facilitating timely retrieval of relevant data.
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Type: New
Part Number: UDO30WO-5
Manufacturer: Plasmon
Manufacturer Part No: UDO30WO-5
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